A local initiative supporting retail business

Sunbury Click & Collect is a new initiative backed by the Sunbury Business Association & BRAVE.net.au. Our aim is to provide local retailers an inexpensive way to sell their products on an online marketplace for local customers to pick up in-store. This allows them to easily shop local from the comfort of their own home & pick up at a time that is convenient for them.

COVID-19 has significantly changed the way Sunbury shops & because of this, we need better solutions to keep our businesses afloat while keeping valuable commodities available to the public. Click & Collect provides our local retailers a platform in which they can continue to conduct business while keeping a close relationship with their customers. With the future of commerce as we know it hanging in the balance, we need solid strategies that will get us through this pandemic and further into the future. We are all in this together. Click & Collect is available to all local shops & retail businesses.