Why and what is Click & Collect?

In the 2018 B.E.A.R. report, Sunbury retail business owners asked the following questions :

  • How could all Sunbury coffee producers work together towards getting a little bit of Sunbury in every cup of coffee enjoyed in the coffee capital of the world? Then... world domination?
  • In order to improve the shopping experience in Sunbury as a whole, what are some of the techniques a retail shop could use to improve their individual in-store experience and online presence?

The Click & Collect shopping site has been created for a better local shopping initiative that aims to provide a low cost marketplace to help local retailers to combat the likes of Amazon.

To encourage customers to #ShopSunbury #BuyLocal.

How will this help local retailers?

A savvy retail community can be empowered with education, have a focus on curation and greater focus on retail metrics and customisation. There is an opportunity to add more ‘play’ into their shop experiences.

Why should I use Click & Collect?

"Stats found 61 per cent of shoppers who bought items online and picked up in-store made an additional purchase."

Fulfilment is difficult in Australia due to its size and population. This is an advantage for small and local businesses to take advantage of.

More online channels means greater presence on the web in search engines such as Google and makes it easier to share via social media.

How does Click & Collect benefit Sunbury retailers?

  1. Low cost eCommerce
  2. Spread the costs of marketing.
  3. Consistent messages.
  4. Harness the power of consolidated ad spend.
  5. Increases opportunity for impulsive purchases
  6. Keeps local business in the game, combat Amazon
  7. Brings more shoppers in-store
  8. Enhance the customer experience

What are the benefits for Sunbury customers?

  1. Choose from a range of products
  2. Save time on parking during busy times
  3. Enhance their shopping experience
  4. Click and collect saves on shipping and solves delivery issues
  5. Customers feel more comfortable about returns

What are the features of the Click & Collect shopping portal?

We believe a shopping cart should always be work in progress, striving to provide the best shopping experience. Here are some of the features we are working on.

  • Vendors (stores) have their own profile and product range
  • Ability to keep track of vendor sales, invoices, orders
  • Email comms. for product orders to vendor & customer
  • Seller buyer chat
  • SMS integration
  • Commission based option
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customer reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Video
  • Special offers
  • Mail list
  • Wish lists
  • Find in store*
  • Click n Collect
  • Related items
  • FAQs
  • Social profile
  • Multiple payment options
  • Ask a question
  • Return policy

How do I get involved?

To register your interest CALL 1300 262 434


send an email to team@brave.net.au with the subject line Get My Store on Click & Collect.