About Click & Collect

Click & Collect Sunbury is a new initiative backed by the Sunbury Business Association & BRAVE.net.au. Our aim is to provide local retailers a platform where they can sell their products on an online marketplace. This provides our local customers a safe, convenient way to shop from the comfort of their own home and pick up in-store at their convenience. Our aim has always been to encourage our community to shop local and given the new lifestyle changes we have been forced to make, this is more important than ever.

Due to the recent changes in retail needs, since the COVID-19 restrictions came into place, we have decided to refocus our initiative toward helping our local businesses keep their doors open. By providing a way for their customers to shop online & pick up from the store, local businesses can combat the loss of revenue while providing a safe, efficient way to continue selling their products to the local community. With Stage 4 restrictions in place and the uncertainty of future restrictions, businesses everywhere need to re-evaluate their plans for the future if they want to beat the negative impacts of combating the virus.

Sunbury business owners are our friends and family. Our community has long prided itself in supporting one another and in times like this, we need to stick together in order to come out on top together. Let's make this initiative work and show the rest of Victoria what we're made of!

Customer Benefits:

  1. Choose from a range of products
  2. Save time on parking during busy times
  3. Enhance their shopping experience
  4. Click and collect saves on shipping and solves delivery issues
  5. Customers feel more comfortable about returns

Retailer Benefits:

  1. Low cost entry
  2. Increases opportunity for upselling & impulsive purchases
  3. Keeps local business in the game, combat Amazon
  4. Brings more shoppers in-store
  5. Enhance the customer experience

More information for retailers can be read in the Frequently Asked Questions PDF.

How it Works for Retailers
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